Enhancing the capabilities of project managers through practical hands-on training

Project management certification doesn’t automatically equal capability; therefore, my training aims to accelerate the growth of project management maturity across businesses by building in-depth project management know-how.

My training approach is targeted directly at the needs of organizations looking to enhance the capabilities of their project managers and project teams to help deliver better IT implementation projects. While businesses put their project managers through certification, my approach is to complement the standard certification process by offering specific training programs and modules that enhance project management expertise and at the same time fitting it within the PMI framework. This training strategy is tailored to address the typical weak points where the evolution of project management typically lags behind the development of other capabilities within an organization and where certification alone is not enough to tackle the complexities of large projects or programs.

With a focus on practical hands-on delivery, I provide the necessary knowledge, skill sets, tools and techniques to help prepare project managers to meet the challenges they face when delivering complex projects within a real-world environment. Whatever the maturity of your project management organization, my training is based on PMI standards, but with less emphasis on theory. Instead, how the theory is used in practice and how to apply it to ensure projects can be managed effectively and efficiently in support of business objectives.

My project management training complements PMI certification by turning theory into practice and adds real value to an organizations IT delivery capability

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