Understanding the role of the project manager

Project management for non project managers

Is project management an art that you’re born with or a science that you can learn? The truth is, it’s both, as a project managers needs creativity and technical skills to keep a project on track. Learn how a project manager works and the skills he needs to do his job to better understand this role within an organization. This course provides an insight into the roles and responsibilities of the project manager following the framework of the PMI global standard.

The syllabus for this course covers the artistic aspects of project management include leading, enabling, motivating and communicating. An artistic project manager can direct the team when work priorities shift, resolve issues when they arise, and determine which information to communicate when and to whom. The science side of project management includes planning, estimating, measuring and controlling the work and encompasses the who-does-what-when issues and requires a solid schedule and budget to be managed using tools and techniques. This course will provide valuable knowledge on this important and influential role within a project.

Course is for managers who have limited knowledge of project management and is suitable for directors and senior management with responsibility for organization project management, portfolio, program or project management or any project stakeholders including aspiring junior managers wanting to gain a deeper understanding on what project management is all about.

course project management for non project managers

The course includes:

  • The fundamentals of program and project management
  • Roles and responsibilities of the project management team
  • The main challenges facing the project manager and the project
  • Critical success factors across the project life cycle
  • An understanding of the processes and knowledge areas
  • An overview of tool and processes required to run a project
  • Information gathering, diagramming and analytical techniques
  • Case study project examples within the IT industry

Course options:

  • 1 hour introduction via webinar (up to 20 people)
  • 3 hour course via webinar (up to 20 people)

In addition to the standard course available specific courses can be tailored to meet a specific organizations needs, including contents and duration.

Provided at the webinars:

  • Online presentation package

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