Performing risk management on a project

Project risk management

A project manager’s efforts should not be focused on dealing with problems, it should be focused on preventing them. Performing risk management on a project is not as easy as just preparing a risks register; it requires a detailed understanding of tools and process, high quality input from the team, a solid communications plan and stakeholder alignment. This course focuses on how to setup risk management correctly following the PMI standard and how to successfully maintain it throughout the project.

The syllabus for this course covers all aspects of the risk management process and its practical application on a project. You will become highly proficient within this important knowledge area that is managed within the planning and monitoring and controlling process groups of the PMI global standard. This detailed course on risk management will enable you to make a more effective contribution to the delivery of successful IT projects within your organization.

This course is for new and experienced project managers or anyone wanting to gain a detailed understanding of how risk management is setup and managed within a project or as a central function within a project management office or project community.

course project risk management

The course includes:

  • Project risk management overview and PMI standards
  • How to initiate and embedded risk management successfully into your project
  • How to prepare a detailed risk management plan
  • Roles and responsibilities of the risk manager and project team
  • Human aspects of risk management, context, appetite and exposure
  • Information gathering, diagramming and analytical techniques
  • Indentifying risks, performing qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Strategies for threats and opportunities
  • The application of all risk management tools, techniques and templates
  • Preparing risk responses and fallback plans
  • Managing the process and controlling risks throughout the project

Course options:

  • 1 hour introduction via webinar (up to 20 people)
  • 3 hour course via webinar (up to 20 people)
  • 1 day course on site (up to 15 people)

In addition to the standard course available specific courses can be tailored to meet a specific organizations needs, including contents and duration.

Provided at the webinars:

  • Online presentation package

Provided for each delegate during the course:

  • Full presentation package
  • Project management toolkit download of all templates discussed during the training
  • 12 months free access to the online toolkit (PMI standard) including additional tools and updates

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